About Marshark

Marshark is the community to explore exciting new innovations including everything ranging from lifestyle products to consumer technology.

Marshark is an online marketplace where shoppers will order products from hand-picked manufacturers known for their high quality and industry experience. Marshark works with these curated manufacturers directly to fulfill and distribute orders.

Our missions
Marshark is committed to becoming a trusted marketplace by providing the best products to like-minded users who share a love for technology.

Marshark puts customer service first. We believe customer service starts the second you enter our website. Not only do we have a dedicated staff to answer questions in our forums, but we also invite independent moderators to join our community to create an unbiased, friendly environment for everyone.

Why did Marshark Start?
All too often great product ideas are held back by a lack of technical support and means to reach a viable audience, whereas many times unviable ideas are brought before online audiences with little to no guarantee that the project will ever materialize.

Marshark was created with the goal of creating a better platform between the creators of technology and the consumers that make innovation possible.

Firmly positioned in the Shenzhen tech scene, with a track record of bringing innovative products to market; Marshark has the ambition to solve these problems by creating an innovative, trustworthy and community powered e-commerce platform.

Where is Marshark located?
Marshark’s office and warehouse are strategically located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, a megalopolis formerly known as the Pearl River Delta consisting of 9 cities and 2 special administrative regions in southern China. Here Apple’s manufacturer Foxconn runs factories with over half a million people. This area is the world’s workshop and is a major manufacturing base for electronic products. By situating ourselves here we gain direct access to the best selections of the latest gadgets and equipment from our curated factories. We have the vision that we could be your ultimate destination for all these curated products. As they say, “one week in Shenzhen, is one month in Silicon Valley”.

Our technical knowledge and expertise in bringing products to market ensure that our platform can offer our users products that they will be proud to own and share with others.

We feel a sense of responsibility towards our community and will always strive to do our very best to uphold a high standard of professional ethics.

Finding like-minded peers to share experiences that aim to build an inclusive, positive, online social space that can bring people closer together.