Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard, 22 MPH Max Speed, Ultra-Thin Design

*Drop-through deck for stability and comfort 

*Lightweight construction, ultra-thin, perfect for travel 

*Built using Canadian Maple and Carbon Fiberglass

*11-mile max range with multiple speed modes

*Fully charged in only two hours

30 Day Return
1 Year Warranty
Free 4 Day Shipping

Introducing the ultra-thin and lightweight 37” Teamgee electric skateboard to make your travels easier, smoother, and comfortable.

Construction and flexibility

The H5 electric skateboard is constructed of quality 10-layer Canadian maple and 1-layer fiberglass, providing a safe and durable housing for the e-skateboard's internal high-performance power supply that bends with the board. This maintains just the right amount of flexibility to ensure the stability and comfort of your ride. The board is sturdy and able to withstand a weight of up to 200 pounds.

Drop-through deck

Teamgee’s unique drop-through deck brings the electric skateboard closer to the ground, resulting in a lower center of gravity that allows for the most extreme maneuvers--even at high speeds


The battery is seamlessly integrated into the deck of the H5 electric skateboard with a thickness equivalent to that of the deck. What results is a sleek board that shelters the battery from damage and weather, enhancing both the portability and aesthetics of the board. The absence of a bulky external power supply supports effortless turning and carving. Once at full charge, travel up to 11 miles on your sweet new ride.

The motors come with regenerative braking meaning that slowing down or going downhill recharges the battery.


The large 90mm wheels are made of an 83A hardness high resiliency material called polyurethane. This makes it suitable for use in various urban and outdoor settings, providing unbeatable wear/tear-resistance and optimum hardness. 

Dual Motor

The dual 380-watt high-performance brushless motors are waterproof and dustproof. Even without power, the e-skateboard operates like a regular longboard. The motors can drive the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard to reach a max speed of 22mph. 


The H5 is currently the thinnest e-skateboard with a thickness of only 15mm (0.5”). Its high-performance battery is integrated right into the deck, you’ll barely even notice it’s there! Weighing only 14.6 pounds, the board is perfect for your everyday commute.


The intuitive ergonomic remote is simple to use with a quick accelerating and braking response time. Equipped with a digital display that informs you of your charge levels, traveling speed, and your current direction, take this chance to be in control of your riding experience.

Travel at 11mph using cruise mode or up to 22mph on fast mode, all just a click away on your remote.

A bonus flashlight feature is included to help you see in the dark so that you can cruise even after the sunsets. 

Aesthetic design  

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Q: How far will the board travel on a single charge?

A: In a flat environment the board can travel up to 11 miles, in an environment with more frequent changes in elevation the board averages 8 – 10 miles on a single charge.

Q: Can I bring the board on a plane?

A: The battery is 36V, 3.5Ah or 126Wh Lithium battery which is not allowed on most major airlines, however, you can always call to double-check.

Q: What is the lifecycle of the battery?

A: It has a 1-year manufacturer warranty against mechanical defects and has been rated for upwards of 500 charges.

Q: What parts are replicable and where can I purchase replacement parts?

A: The remote, wheels, charger, battery, and even the motherboard are replaceable. Both replacement parts and detailed instructions can be found on the manufactures

Q: What size are the bearings?

A: The inner diameter is 8mm and the outer diameter is 22mm

Q: Can the remote be changed from km/h to mph?

A: No

Q: How well do the brakes work going down a steep hill?

A: Based on testing and customer feedback the brakes are very effective allowing a rider to stop quickly even when going down a steep hill. Obviously depending on your speed, weight, and the gradient of the hill the speed at which you will be able to stop will fluctuate. Please use good judgment when riding.

Q: Is the motor quiet while running? How about when braking?

A: The motor is relatively silent while running when braking there is a slight humming noise.

Q: Can I charge the board while riding it?

A: No, this is dangerous both to yourself and the board’s power source.

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